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superga trainers

bentley at pebble beach

guess what? esme learned from her friend claire that it IS possible to be too rich, too young, and too thin!  claire will attest that, much to her astonishment and delight, she kind of accidentally caught a fabulous car guy with her superga tennies (or perhaps i should say trainers), her delicious curves, and her unpretentious  style.

this is what happened.  just as claire was about to take off for home after volunteering at the quail, a distinguished gentleman (whose cashmere blazer and italian loafers she had been secretly admiring) accosted her with 2 glasses of wine.  “do you prefer red or white?”  he intoned in an upper-crust british accent.  (single men take note:  this is a terrific pick-up line.)  claire, who is rarely thrown by anything, was too gobsmacked to say (as she later wished she had) “oh i really prefer champagne”, but accepted the red with trembling hand.  she later told esme that the distinguished gentleman had first noticed her  because of her shoes!

this was the start of a whirlwind weekend, culminating in a trip a deux to the pebble beach concours d’elegance.  as it turned out, mr. red-or-white had never been to the concours before. he was rather non-plussed to learn that they would have to park the car, take a bus with the hoi polloi, and walk a good distance to get to their destination.  thank goodness he had claire to guide him or he might never have made it!  however, once they were safely ensconced in the comfort of the bentley tent, both were able to relax and enjoy each other and the cars.

needless to say, texts are flying back and forth across the atlantic.  claire will tell you that one of the best (among many) things about this romance is that mr. r-or-w repeatedly admired her curves.  he even tried to get her to promise not to lose any more weight!  omg, can you imagine!!!  knowing claire, esme is concerned she may drop 20 pounds or so just out of contrariness.  however, claire wanted to let all you non-thin readers out there know that big really is beautiful!  think about it:  have you ever seen a bentley without curves??

vicariously thrilled,





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