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gap favorite t

nydj jeans and favorite t

i don’t know about you, but i have developed what amounts to a uniform (or perhaps it would be better described as a “look”) for everyday wear.  my current uniform consists of:  a pair of nydj’s jeans and a long-sleeved black gap favorite t.

i always feel good in this uniform and it’s great for trying on jackets, scarves and shoes because almost everything goes with it.  i have tried to vary the t-shirt but have not found any that fit as well as the favorite t.  the only problem is that they only come in black, gray and white.  gray looks so-so on esme and white is not great.

i am longing for gap (or someone) to create a favorite t in eggplant, tomato soup, violet, burdgundy….so that esme’s look could have a bit more variety, but so far no one has.  you might imagine that this look would change from winter to summer.  usually it does, but this summer has been kind of like winter without the storms—too cool for lighter pants or short-sleeved tops.

instead, esme varies the jackets and shoes she wears.  for a slightly warmer day, her black merril sandals and a jean-jacket or her favorite prairie underground “moth” jacket.  maybe even her new fawn-colored leather jacket, and the arche sandals in tan and black that she failed to purchase!  for chillier days, black boots and a black leather jacket or even a rain-parka.

as you can see, esme’s uniform really does not require many garments.  one could easily keep the various permutations in the smallest of carmel closets!  so what about all that other stuff???  esme recently bagged up a bunch of ill-fitting t’s and too-small jeans for donation.  still, she has a small mountain of leggings, odd but cool longer shirts, sweaters of various lengths and colors…..oh, i’ll think about that tomorrow.




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