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banana republic blazer

banana republic mad men collection animal print sweater

one item which esme has been seeking at a low level of intensity for quite some time is just the right black gabardine blazer.  if she could find such an item, it would complement both her everyday wear and her dressing up wear (hmm…although it probably wouldn’t work with harem pants).

mr. noir keeps trying to convince esme that her 3 black diana slavin blazers from the early ’90’s are perfect, but on this issue esme begs to disagree.  first of all, they have shoulders out to HERE.  second of all, they are a bit worse for wear.  and thirdly, they are rather long and baggy;  in fact, they’d probably fit someone 2 or 3 sizes bigger than esme (what was she thinking???  well, that was the style then….).

esme had some time to kill the other day and bopped into banana republic.  they had some nice-looking pants-and-blazer outfits in the window.  esme owned several nice suits from br when she was a working person.  could the br blazer be just the thing?

upon entering the store esme got a bit distracted by a display of animal print sweaters in the “mad men” collection. ever since attending the jaguar club dinners during concours week, esme has been especially attracted to animal prints, and of course, they are all the fashion.  imagine her disappointment when she tried to slip one on and could barely get it over her arms!  even the medium was pretty skinny.  well, on to the blazers.

she picked out a 4R, figuring they probably ran a bit small.  yikes!  even this size, while inches too long in the sleeve, was tiny and narrow in the upper-arm and bust.  despite a bit of stretch, it got all bunchy when esme buttoned it up.  the petit sizes were no better.

it is such a sad thing when an item just misses.  these br styles have captured something of the spirit of the times with their retr0-classic appeal on the rack.  however, unless there are a lot more women out there with really skinny arms, esme suspects that most of these pieces will end up on the sale racks.  (take note:  if you do have skinny arms, wait a few months and you will most likely be able to get some bargains).  esme was sorely tempted to write in to br and suggest they change the cut of their blazers ASAP, but a) she imagined it was probably to late and b) she had no idea where to write.





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