by admin on August 28, 2011

fallen pines

oh dear oh dear…..esme just learned that her darling parents, trudging through their 80’s with most of their faculties in tact, both fell down like monterey pines in a storm on the same day.  fortunately, no one was badly hurt, and they did not fall at the same time.  however, falling is something you really want to avoid, especially in your 50’s and beyond.

esme is especially sensitive to this issue, as she has just received a diagnosis of osteoporosis (in addition to her ever-advancing osteoarthritis).  how is she ever going to make it into her 90’s if she doesn’t somehow keep her infrastructure from crumbling?  after giving her parents a firm lecture about practical steps they could take to minimize falls, esme began meditating on what to do  for herself.

to tell you the truth, esme has neither fallen nor broken a bone in her entire life, so initially the idea of falls did not worry her.  however, the same thing could be said for her mother (who has always had excellent balance) until recently.  esme does, however, have a tendency to get faint, so for several years she has done a funny little stretch every morning  that makes mr. noir laugh:  she kneels and curls up in fetal position and stays there to the count of 30.  this insures that she has the minimal strength and flexibility (and believe me it’s pretty minimal) to get to ground in case of faintness.

of course, you hot-yoga people don’t have to worry about this sort of thing yet, but for those of us who are stiffer, make sure you maintain the ability to get to ground.  getting up is another matter.  you should practice this too, tightening your abs and rising up on one knee at a time.  it is hard to believe that just a few years ago, esme was leaping and doing somersaults, and now she is reduced to this!  the advance of time is very humbling.

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