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esme's CABI faux fur (not on esme)

nordstrom's faux fur

esme has told you about the faux fur shrug she ordered from CABI–well she wore it for the first time today and felt oh so comfy and fashionable.  her only disappointment was that no one came up and asked to pet her (the cabi lady TOLD US this was going to happen).  well, actually, she only had it on for maybe 5 minutes coming and going to her class, so maybe the matter deserves a longer trial.

faux fur is definitely in again this fall;  one especially sees a lot of vests (probably for the “transitional” time between summer and fall).  i myself have found that if it’s cold enough to wear a vest, one really needs a coat, and that if one doesn’t need a coat a vest is too hot!  but maybe those with less hair-trigger temperature gauges will have more luck with this look.  the retailers are certainly betting on it.

esme has come to love the idea of faux fur.  at first, she dismissed it as something icky and fake.  but then she realized it could be very soft and saves real animals from being sacrificed.  esme is a terrible sucker for anything fuzzy (this is one reason she loves both mr. noir and hunter).  it’s very light-weight, and the shrug i have is surprisingly warm.  you can find leopard and jaguar and chincilla and fox and probably rabbit, mink and sable.  there are brown-toned furs and black-toned furs and gray ones and if you really want to go all super-faux orange and purple and green.  now that i have a gray-black one, i’m longing for a tan/brown/black spotted one (i spotted one in nordstrom’s on-line store).

and i’d really like just the right pair of faux fur shoes—flats, probably, but not too flat.

ok, let’s just hope these faux furs don’t shed.  i did see a few faux hairs caught up in my seat-belt this morning, but so far none on the rugs!

feeling fuzzy,



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