by admin on September 1, 2011

animal attire from vogue

faux fur is not the only animal theme running rampant in the fall fashion arena.  there are also animal prints, reptile skin, feathers, and even fish scales!  take a look at this ad from the september vogue in which the models are dressed in all of the above:  fish scale dresses (!); fur stoles; what appears to be a porcupine hat; reptile boots and bags; suede shoes; leather trim—am i missing anything here?

esme can only hope that all of these animal parts are faux, or at the very least gathered humanely.  i understand that feathers can be garnered after they are shed by the animal, and i would think the same thing would go for reptile skin (ick).  i don’t think there’s much danger of designers using real fish scales, so i guess i won’t worry about that one.

here’s the irony:  the more one loves animals, the more one might be attracted to their pelts (at least that’s true for esme).  however, naturally one does not want the animals one loves harvested for their fur.  i have yet to abjure meat and leather, but if i really followed my beliefs i’d probably do so.  i can’t stand the idea of animals suffering but i do love a nice leather jacket.

what do you make of the animal trend in fall’s fashion?  getting in touch with our animal nature?  using animal totems in an attempt to incorporate the qualities of the animal?  unconscious desire to ward off attack?  the cynical among you will surely say “because it sells”, but that begs the question of WHY it sells NOW.

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