by admin on September 1, 2011

MRI bloomers

esme had a number of eccentric shopping/fashion experiences yesterday, but for now she’ll just tell you about a few. after completing her thrift shop mission (which, sadly, was unproductive, the item having already been sold), she was scheduled for an MRI of her entire back.  this amounted to what was really 3 MRI’s–cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine.  normally, they only do one or two of these at a time, but since esme is such an MRI affectionado they decided they could do all three in one blow.  this involved up to an hour and a half in the machine.

the last time esme had an MRI of her lumbar spine, she found it disappointingly brief.  she really likes to be there long enough to absorb the odd and syncopated rhythms of the experience, which she has always imagined to have healing powers.  an hour and a half, however, seemed a bit daunting, mostly because she was worried she’d fall asleep or need to pee.  so she found herself feeling a bit more anxious about the experience than she had expected.

however, she was quickly put at ease by the hilarious new outfit that this particular imaging place provided.  it consisted of a gigantic pair of bloomer-like paper shorts!  doffing her bra, esme was allowed to wear her fitted gap favorite t and her cotton argyle socks.  thank heavens the t was not voluminous or she would have looked even more ridiculous!  she could not resist taking a photo of herself in the dressing room, which she happily shares with her readers.  a sense of humor is vital in navigating the treacherous pathways of middle-age!

well, due to esme’s talent for the MRI, it was accomplished in record time.  she was even allowed a little pillow for her neck:  the technician noted that “usually we can’t do that but since you’re nice and small it will be fine”.  sometimes you’ve gotta love the body you were given—“nice and small”….i like the ring of that one!

and if you need anyone to hold your hand for an MRI (even a short one), you know who to call,



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