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polka dots by stella mccartney

mixed stripes

esme has always loved polka dots.  she recalls with great fondness a linen dress she had in high school–white with black, red, and blue polka dots.  sure wish i still had that dress—sleeveless, fitted bodice, wide skirt.  maybe someone has it in a vintage shop somewhere……anyway, polka dots are big.  the lining of esme’s faux fur shrug in black and white polka dots.  vogue and elle both show wonderfully whimsical stella mccartney designs with sheer polka dot panels, and even a polka dot body-suit!  not especially wearable, but very fetching.  esme can’t help but speculate that the polka dot is an abstract representation of an animal print!  what do you think???

the same is true of stripes, which are also very au courrant.  think zebras and tigers.  stripes are a lot harder to wear for most of us.  they tend to make one look fat (if horizontal), and can induce a migraine headache if too small.  esme realls a favorite knit cotton shirt she had (also in high school) with burgundy stripes on a cream background.  i can’t say it was especially flattering, but there are many old photos of esme attired in it.  i do rather like sailor stripes, black and white stripes, and mixtures of stripes that go in different directions.

come to think of it, a polka dot top with a striped skirt might be mighty cool!  and think of the symbolism:   the leopard lying down with the zebra!  sometimes esme is just so in love with her own ideas that it kills her (which mr. noir is likely to do when he reads this one).

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