by admin on September 3, 2011

3-dimensional animal print shoes

leopards playing

eureka, i’ve got it!!  esme was brushing her teeth last night and thinking about her faux fur shrug when (at least one of) the meanings of the animal explosion in fashion came to her.  as we spend more and more time on computers, iphones, ipads, ipods, etc. our world has become increasingly flat and 2-dimensional.  we interact by seeing and a bit by hearing, but never by touch, taste or smell.  dressing as animals reflects our desire to live in world which is TACTILE and 3-DIMENSIONAL, and to use ALL OF OUR SENSES.

fur is first and foremost a touchable fabric.  esme thinks of the experience of patting her dog.  active, soft, furry on the surface.  firm with the feel of muscle, bone and sinew below. and if you are a dog-lover, you will know the delight of a clean-dog smell.  esme has just finished reading a book called THE TIGER’S WIFE on her kindle.  it describes the sensuality of a deaf-and-dumb woman’s friendship with a domesticated tiger.  i would add a quotation here, but have you ever tried to find a particular passage on a kindle??? oy!

so readers, activate your inner animal!  go for the fur!  touch and be touched!  just don’t forget the bumper sticker that’s all the rage around here:  wag more. bark less.  and try not to bite.




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