by admin on September 4, 2011

identifying one's faux fur

or, jaguar on the L, leopard on the R

if you, like esme, have been thinking about and shopping for animal prints lately, you may have noticed a developing confusion as to the differences between leopards, jaguars, and cheetahs.  if one is to wear the print of an animal, it behooves one to know which animal one is wearing!  lions and tigers are easy to distinguish (plain vs. striped) but the rest of the cat family can be pretty tricky.

it seems that all hinges on the nature of the animal’s “rosettes”.  these are the spots or circles that decorate it’s otherwise tawny coat.  (btw, there are black leopards and jaguars, for you new yorkers and other big city folks who still prefer to wear black).   the leopard has rosettes which are brown or black with light patches in the middle.  the jaguar, in contrast, has rosettes resembling broken circles with a central dark spot.  the cheetah is decorated with spots resembling large polka dots.

of course there are subtle differences in the size, shape and gait of the animals, but this need not concern the person who is simply wearing it’s faux fur.  unless, that is, you’d like to gain a deeper knowledge of the beast whose characteristics you may be channeling…but we’ll leave this subject for another day.

esme has become pretty expert on her dog-breeds over the last 10 years, but it seems that now she needs to bone up on her wild cat breeds. do you see how the study of fashion leads one into ever expanding areas of knowledge??




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