by admin on September 5, 2011

leopard print swim suit

wild cat swimming

well readers, i do hope you are not yet sick of the topic of animal prints, because esme just keeps having more and more things to say about them. for example, now she is thinking that an animal-print speedo would be just the ticket.  i imagine animal-print swim-suits probably exist in the high-fashion market (your impractical $150 swimsuits with halter-tops made of chains etc.), but i haven’t seen one for the average lap-swimmer. imagine zipping through the water in a blur of spots or a prism of stripes, shaking one’s tawny mane at the end of each lap, flicking an ear at the sound of the music for the water aerobics class….

but wait a minute, you might say.  don’t cats dislike water?  funny you should ask.  esme gathers that most domestic cats are able to swim if they absolutely have to (but we aren’t talking about domestic cats here!).  and apparently wild cats will swim to cool themselves off or to catch fish.  i wonder about those fabulous-looking new breeds of cat called occicats and the like.  how do they feel about swimming?  as a child, esme used to picture herself as an ocelot.  perhaps they like to swim laps (or lap swimmers).

what is it about cats??



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