by admin on September 6, 2011

esme's jaguar and kitty

all this writing about animal prints has gotten esme to thinking (well, what’s new??).  there she was, swimming along on her 14th lap, when it suddenly struck her that she has a long-standing history with jaguars.  a few years back, esme’s mama sent to her her earliest childhood toy–a dog-eared (!) wild cat named peppy.  this was esme’s blanky.

esme recalls seeing peppy in her closet when she was older, but she doesn’t recall her original relationship with the big cat.  she can only imagine that he helped her fall asleep, protected her from monsters, and eased the trauma of giving up her position of only child.  we psychologists call this a “transitional object”–something that helps a child separate from it’s mother, and stands half-way between the mother-child as a merged being, and the child as a lone (and rather lonely) and separate entity.

peppy was followed by a series of real live cats.  one of esme’s favorites was a little calico kitty who ended up run over by a car…..

considering that peppy is going on 58 years old, he’s in remarkable condition.  it’s especially notable to esme that he still has both of his eyes.  i suppose esme must have been a relatively gentle child (or perhaps just a girl).  now she is thinking of finding someplace to restore or at least clean this little feline treasure—wouldn’t you want a bath after 58 years?

remembering my childhood,



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