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shoe candidates being interviewed by esme

sometimes you just wanna throw a tantrum

first, a disclaimer:  esme is more grateful than she can express for having the good fortune to be among those for whom one of the most pressing problems in life is finding the right pair of shoes.  that said, shoes are important.  if one cannot walk comfortably one is really impaired in one’s adl’s (activities of daily living).

so, here is esme trying to find a pair of shoes that are both comfy and cute.  and here is esme (well, someone who might as well be esme) throwing a little tantrum.  for the past say year and a half, esme has gotten by by wearing sandals in summer and boots in winter. however, she has been unable to find a pair of closed toed shoes that fit her finicky feet.  now that fall is approaching she has begun a determined quest to find just the right pair of shoes (or perhaps even 2 pairs!).  many candidates have been interviewed, but so far none has quite fit the bill.

contenders include but are not limited to:  various naot maryjane-styles shoes; a pair by wolkie; a new maryjane by dansko; a brand she has just discovered call alegrio.  all of these fall into the category of “european comfort shoes”, a category which, thankfully, seems to be expanding by the week.  some are carried by zappos.  many can be found in various local boutiques.

at the moment esme has two trial pairs taking up temporary residence in her closet.  one is the dansko “abby”, the other the wolkie “passion”.  Both have very round toes, little straps, and chunky heels.  and both, believe it or not, look rather chic on the foot.  the problem is that each pair, despite it’s very promising appearance, seems to pinch or rub some different aspect of esme’s pied!  Ach!  Oy!  Zut!  a really optimistic individual might hope for these to “break in” after a few wearings, but esme is not such an individual, and her experience dictates otherwise.  this is where the tantrum takes place………….

so unless some magic happens overnite, it will be back to the drawing board (and the UPS place and the store) tomorrow.  thanks goodness for zappos.  esme has learned never to buy a pair of shoes unless they can be returned (and NEVER to wear them outside the first thing after purchase).    perhaps someone will design a cute, wide-toed shoe made of soft leather with absolutely no seams or straps….any volunteers out there?

the princess and the prickly pear,



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