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esme couldn’t resist sharing with her readers a short paper she wrote for her fashion class.  the paper was in answer to the following question:

“analyze fashion styles today.  is there one trend that you believe is the result of a social, economic, or technological influence?  briefly explain the reasons for your choice.”   uhh, ONE trend?  esme could go on and on here (but she didn’t).

here’s what she said:

I believe I am probably well-qualified to speak for the baby-boomer generation, having been born smack-dab in the middle of it (in 1953).  We baby-boomers like to think of ourselves as youthful and fit.  Many of us would like to be able to wear the “body-conscious” clothing that has been fashionable for the last several years (clinging cocktail dresses, skinny jeans, form-fitting t-shirts, to name a few).

And yet, at a certain point—perhaps in one’s forties or in one’s fifties if one is lucky—no matter how fit one is, one looks in the mirror in a department store and finds that the body-conscious clothes that looked great a few years ago are starting to show shocking bumps and bulges!

Here is where an important fashion development comes in handy:  shapewear.  I personally NEVER imagined I’d be wearing something resembling a girdle , much less a corset.  I, like other boomers, grew up in the era when women were burning their bras.

However, two factors have made innovative and often expensive shapewear (spanx and the like) popular.  First, the large baby-boomer population is aging.  And second, the fitness craze has fueled the prevalence of form-fitting, revealing clothing.  In order to wear such clothing, the aging baby-boomer needs supportive undergarments.   Thus Spanx.  I recently learned that there is even spanx for the upper arms—yikes!

So all you teens and twenties out there, just imagine what you have to look forward to in 30 years or so!

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