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claire's ear

esme posed a question similar to this one awhile back, but she finds the question so compelling that she feels compelled to pose it again.  also, the answer can change over time.

esme, mr. noir and claire were having a bite to eat at fresh cream’s bar (great burgers/nice atmosphere) when esme paused to admire claire’s ear.  now doesn’t that have a nice ring to it:  claire’s ear…..could be the title of a short-story, maybe a jewelry store, a music store (except they don’t exist anymore), a bookstore (well they too are almost extinct).  but ears are forever or at least, with luck, for one’s lifetime.

esme has always been kind of an ear-fancier.  it runs in her family.  you can see here that claire has a rather delicate ear, set off by a lovely vintage silver earring (thrifted) and a pony-tail.

the earring is a clip-on, and esme wondered  about it’s comfort.  the last time esme tried on a pair of clip-on earrings she found them prohibitively un-comfy.  she passed on a cool pair of bakelite earring she saw at an antique fair for just this reason.  however, claire averred that these were quite wearable, possibly because they are both light and well-crafted.  so, the next time esme spies some clip-ons, she’ll at least pause to try them on.

so now i think i’ll be on a tear, looking at everyone’s ear.  this will be a relief from scanning for animal prints, and checking out people’s shoes.  btw, concerning the latter:  i was waiting in line for frozen yogurt when i spied a woman with some interesting shoes.  of course i had to look down to see them, causing the woman to think she had dropped something!  guess i wasn’t too subtle.

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