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cierra in jewels and vintage gown

lingerie from intima

who says carmel is boring??  esme made a little trip to intima the other day to check out the latest in lingerie.  who did she see but cierra, a star pupil from her fashion history class last semester.  oh there were some tempting-looking little gems in the shop, including a great sale-rack (hurry before they’re all gone) with some of the prettiest bras you’ve seen in awhile.  but the funnest part of the visit was a story that cierra told about being chosen to model jewelry for a mercedes event during car week.  i think this comes across best in cierra’s own words:

Hi Esme, 

Attached is the photo from the Mercedes RM event. (note:  only the top half would upload…rats!)  I was mostly there to model the jewelry ( 89 carats-rubies, 45 carats-diamond, set in platinum necklace! $989,000 approx.!). The necklace and earrings are by Molina, a jeweler based in Az. Although we were hired to showcase the jewelry, the models also showcased the Mercedes Benzes being auctioned over the weekend. This was a party for potential bidders. You can see a little bit of the car I showcased, a 1962 Mercedes Benz 300sl, in cherry red. The car came equipped with matching red suitcases, a major selling point in my opinion 😉 All of the costumes were provided by a vintage boutique in LA. The vintage, sequined, polka-dot dress I am wearing is from the 1950s :)
esme is totally in love with the polka-dot dress, not to mention the jewelry.  and she certainly would not mind a 1962 300sl in cherry red……wonder how much THAT went for.  in fact, she was so taken with the real-life fantasy that cierra described that she plumb forgot to inquire how this local girl ended up as a high-end model!
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