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a pied-a-terre on the ile-saint-louis??

what could be better than chatting and gossiping about lingerie with a couple of beautiful ladies while surrounded by beautiful lingerie?  (well, maybe wearing the lingerie in certain romantic situations, but we won’t go there now).  this is what esme did at intima the other day.  in addition to shopping, she is always sniffing the ground like a terrier for little stories to store up in her story-bag.

esme inquired about sales during car-week, always an interesting question.  apparently they were quite brisk.  if one is to look for money-is-no-object people, concours people are a good place to start.  and apparently they love racey underwear.  the store stocked up on some slightly more risque pieces just for the occasion, and esme was unable to check them out, as they were all sold out.  esme would have loved to be a fly on the wall at intima during car-week!

the most unexpected story was this one.  apparently many ladies bought multiple sets of the same fancy lingerie:  one for the paris house; one for the house at the cape; one for…….oh let’s just say biarritz!   esme neglected to inquire what the modal size was, but that’s a good question for next time.   esme is aware that lots of people own houses in pebble beach, or on scenic ave. as only one of several domiciles.  often they hire staff to maintain them and to cook and clean when the family is in town.  somehow, however, she had not considered the need for multiple sets of lingerie!

which, really, she should have, because:  there was a time when the noirs were a 2-house household.  they had a regular house in the bay area, and a tiny vacation cottage in carmel.  one of the problems, indeed, was keeping track of which clothes one had where.  you would be wanting to wear your favorite black cashmere sweater, for instance, only to realize that it was in the other house.  however, esme never really had enough lingerie to worry about it.  she just put it in her little travel bag and carried it from house to house.  but then, the most she ever had was 2 (small) houses.  imagine having 3 or 4 or 5 grand mansions in different countries!

you know, a person could be envious of something like this, but oddly enough, i’m not.

though we’ve always kind of thought a little pied-a-terre on the ile-saint-louis would be nice…..

ah well,



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