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extreme eskandar harem pants

cool-looking older woman in sale jacket

you know how esme loves a good sale.  well, a very high-end boutique called pacific tweed has been having a liquidation sale, and esme has had her nose to the ground snooping around for tidbits at steep discounts.  the first time she went, she met a lovely woman of a certain age who had just snagged a little black blazer that fit her to a t.  esme has been looking for such an item, but couldn’t find it in her size.  however, she admired the other woman’s find, and had a nice little chat.  she was also able to add her shopping companion to her collection of cool-looking older women.

the one item that esme really coveted that first day was a pair of eskandar gray gabardine wool/cashmer extreme harem pants.  these fit esme very nicely, except that they were really made for someone with about 6 inches more leg.  by extreme i mean that the crotch comes about to esme’s knees (most likely meant to hit at mid-thigh).  the overall experience was like wearing a really comfy skirt, and the fabric was thin enough to drape quite nicely.  however, these babies had started at $600 (!) and were only 40% off.  esme decided to bide her time and see what happened with the price.  i mean really, who would buy such eccentric pants??

well, about 4 weeks later esme happened to be in the neighborhood and stopped in to see if the eskandars were still there.  at first she was disappointed, but soon spotted them on a rack with all the other truly expensive stuff.  and guess what?  the charming young man running the women’s department was just marking them  down to 80% off!  i’m sure you can guess what happened.

so now esme is the proud possessor of a pair of really extreme harem pants that must be drastically hemmed.  her next project is to a) figure out what to wear on top (fitted?  voluminous?) and b) come up with just the right way to hem them.  they are meant to taper a bit at the bottom, but of course this part would be chopped off with a simple hem.  should they be re-tapered?  what about just a bit of elastic at the cuffs?  or perhaps some kind of ties that could form a ruched bottom?

esme is depending upon her readers for hemming ideas.  in the meantime, the eskandars are hanging next to esme’s thrifted eskandar tops, and esme has her eye out for gray-compatible fitted t’s.

send ideas, readers, else esme might need to hire an actual fashion consultant to teach her how to wear these pants, which would defeat the point of getting them on-sale!





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