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erika engleman couture

girl talk

esme and claire met up the other day to have some girl-talk and scope out the shops in the crossroads shopping center.  esme thought she had pretty much seen the scene at the crossroads in recent weeks, but she turned out to be wrong.

first off they nipped into erika engleman couture, where an end-of-season fabric and clothing sale is in progress.  you may recall that esme can’t sew her way out of a bag, but she does love fabric.  she would have loved a jacket made of a loose-woven wool with purple, black, gray and white squares.  and claire coveted a skirt from a supple dark brown (very groomed) faux fur fabric.  we tried on french designer scarves that could double as art, and little fabric purses that esme would have bought had she not placed a spending prohibition on herself for now.  in fact, she is rather under house arrest and really should be wearing one of those ankle bracelets!

the other thing that esme loved was a drapey cotton knit garment that was somewhere between a vest and a jacket.  it came just below the waist and had vestiges of sleeves.  the color they had (a lovely brown and mustard print) was not quite right for esme, but as erika said “we can make anything for you.”  omg, this is seriously dangerous.  esme could so commission one of these vests, a silk knit t or 2, a top for her eskandar pants……she will have to wait ’til her ship comes in (not that she HAS a ship, other than mr. noir’s 24 ft. sailboat, which, btw, is FOR SALE).  or at the very least until her ankle bracelet comes off!

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