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tigger-striped leggings

pooh and tigger (not the disney one!)

after drooling over erika engleman couture’s sale, esme and claire had to check in with stephan-cori and carmel apparel.  of course esme had been there recently, but claire had not.  we fraternized with the oh-so-adorable shop-dog, aspen at stephan-cori.  claire decided she really should have a dog just like that, plus she saw a charming ’70’s-inspired summer dress in graphic blacks, whites and brown that she would have snapped up in an instant had she seen it in a thrift shop.  claire is terrific at abstaining when it comes to anything over $5.00……ah if only esme had this gift.

in carmel apparel (sister shop to stephan-cori), esme wanted to show claire a cowl-necked 3/4 sleeve t-shirt that she has had her eye on.  this shirt is by a company that esme has not heard of before:  white rice.  esme googled the brand in an attempt to see if they made the t in other colors (they didn’t) and was surprised by what she found.  did you know that “white rice” is slang for a white person trying to be like an asian person?  esme certainly didn’t, and she had to wonder if the designers knew this when they named their line.

to get back to the cowl-neck.  it was displayed atop a cool kind of ruched cotton skirt, which in turn was draped over (get this) black and white horizontal-striped leggings.  esme thought it was a cute idea, but who could wear such a thing?  claire averred that horizontal striped legs would make her look like a barn.  undaunted, esme couldn’t resist trying on the leggings.  omg, they were actually quite adorable.  she felt a bit like an aging tigger, only younger.  esme, claire and lilly the salesperson spent some time imagining just the right top to go with the tigger-leggings.  esme is especially taken with the idea of something asymmetrical in black-and-white polka dots, and a thin silk polka dot scarf she already owns.

as esme was getting ready to leave, lilly (probably at least 30 yrs. younger than esme) gave her one of the best compliments she has received in a while:  “oh what you do for those leggings……” she sighed.  esme is kind of hoping that by the time she takes herself off her shopping prohibition the tigger-leggings might go on sale.  who, after all (besides esme), is going to want to look like tigger?

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