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atelier mpc - design process

garbage bag dress (almost complete)

we did the coolest thing in our fashion class yesterday.  we were privileged to have a guest speaker who is also a fashion blogger.  her name is brittany hynes and you can find her blog at:  she had the kids (and esme) design a garment using materials that included various types of garbage bags:  paper, small white ones, and a large black one (plus scissors and tape).

esme was positively gobsmacked by how original and attractive the garbage fashion ideas were.  esme served mainly as commentator and cheerleader (as befitting a fashion blogger).  the stiff fabric of the paper bag became a fitted bodice (with darts no less!).  the rather frilly white bags were formed into a bow decorating one shoulder.  the back of the bodice was also made of the white bags, and the one-shoulder straps were a combination of paper-bag handles and strips of white bags!  twisted white bags became a little belt and the cleavage was decorated with diagonal cuts that made an interesting jagged neckline.

one brilliant but simple idea might actually come in handy in an emergency:  we formed a fluid, assymetrical skirt by cutting a hole in the large black bag and slipping it over the mannikin’s head.  shiny, cute, and even waterproof!  esme will remember this one if she is even caught out without clothing in the event of say, and earthquake, a tsunami, or suchlike.

we were planning to make a frilly underskirt by affixing some scrunched up white bags beneath the black skirt, but ran out of time.  wow!  i’d wear a garment like this, wouldn’t you?? (although the details of how to get in and out of it remained a bit foggy).




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