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recent junior league fashion show

junior league in the '30's

one of esme’s buddies, a woman with the misfortune of inheriting a rather severe classical beauty, recently complained that many of her outfits make her look “too junior league”.  we should all have such problems!

however, esme thought it would be a wonderful challenge to come up with some outfits to tweak the junior league look without having to buy a whole new wardrobe.

let’s call her coco (perfect name!).  some time ago coco had experimented with unconventional nail color (navy blue) with good success. this is a great fix, as it is a) temporary and b) relatively cheap.  esme thinks she’d also look great in lime green, or maybe even red with some mmmmm….skull and crossbones decals.

esme would love to see coco in just the right super-short punked out hair-cut.  but then you know that esme is partial to short hair.  the problem with this one, of course, is that it would take awhile to grow back if it was not a success.  maybe a lot of mousse and some purple streaks would do in the meantime.

something that came immediately to mind was a necklace that esme coveted for months at SHE until it was finally bought by someone bolder than esme.  it was a choker made of large black beads decorated with silver studds.  esme went so far as to try it on once and found that it was surprisingly light, comfortable, and flattering. as a matter of fact, one could combine some really junior-leaguish pieces (a strand of pearls say) with some crazy chains made of safety-pins, some skull pendants, a few serpents maybe… get the picture!

esme was just starting to dig into the new september vogue when this cool chanel ad caught her eye.  how about layering a bunch of traditional items on top of each other in an untraditional way?  look how they’ve layered the short green jacket atop the long black jacket and mixed it up with some gray leggings!  oh there you go:  long tops and leggings…..does the junior league wear leggings?

layered jackets (vogue)

on the other hand, esme must confess she has never been to a junior league event, so the style is really just in her imagination.  maybe in the 21st century the ladies arrive in egg-costumes a la lady gaga, or……but i doubt it, don’t you??

inspirations, readers?



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