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yoga pose

esme recently did a little sportshopping with a friend she hadn’t seen in a while.  vivienne, as her name implies, is one of the most vivid, vivacious, and vital women that esme knows.  did i mention that she is lively, full of piss and vinegar, and totally adorable?  no?

anyway, do you remember how esme tends to be self-conscious about her stomach sticking out?  well, most of us are self-conscious about something:  our arms, our thighs, our stomachs, our ankles, our noses, our necks…..if a body-part exists there exists a woman who is self-conscious about hers!  often,  the rationale behind the worry is unfathomable to the casual observer (and sometimes not).

i have a feeling that if one were to take a poll, worry about thighs, butts, and stomachs would top the list.  these, our distinctly female body-parts (not counting breasts), seem to cause us the most embarrassment and concern.  what does this say about our standards of beauty?  interestingly enough, many many males do not share our condemnation of our female aspects:  men are often affictionados of plenitude in the areas of butts, thighs, and stomachs, not to mention breasts.  i know for a fact that mr. noir is postively thrilled when esme sports a little stomach!

vivienne is one of those women who is self-conscious about her butt.  if you ask esme, it is quite a cute one, and nothing to be ashamed about, but…….as we were shopping it became clear that, while finding tops was easy as pie, vivienne’s quest for a simple pair of black pants was going to be a tough one.  of course, pants are hard for many of us (actually, often for the reasons mentioned above).  but many of the pants that esme thought were quite fetching were rejected on the basis of concerns about the behind, just as esme might have rejected them on the basis of concern about her stomach.  when it’s not your body part, it is so easy to embrace.

perhaps we should all step out of our own bodies and pretend we are someone else for a few minutes when we look in the mirror.  and if it takes a bit of hot yoga to embrace your butt, go for it!

striving for bodily eumorphia,



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