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vintage parasol and monterey peninsula college

coolibar's sun-protective parasol

esme considers herself more of a writer than a photographer.  however, every once in a while she kind of almost accidentally snaps a pic of which she is surprisingly proud.  this happened the other day at monterey peninsula college.  check out this photo of retired department head, mary nelson demonstrating the use of a late 19th century parasol.  now doesn’t that just make you want to a) go out and dance, and b) shop for a parasol?

this particular parasol is made of two colors of silk—one for the inside and one for the outside.  it reflects an era before the dastardly coco chanel encouraged women to bare their limbs and acquire tans, thus unwittingly heralding a future epidemic of skin cancer.

a quick internet search reveals that one can indeed purchase a modern-day parasol.  coolibar has one whose fabric has a high spf rating.  i don’t know about you, but esme would really like one that looks more like the vintage specimen.   wouldn’t it be lovely if parasols caught on?  they are certainly more attractive than those functional but truly dorky-looking shade hats with drapes sold by solumbria and the like.  interestingly, sun umbrellas are all the rage in china, where pale skin is still valued.

i’d like a little parasol in eggplant and lavendar silk, very light, with a small bamboo handle.  perhaps someone could invent a parasol holder that you could hook onto your waist when you weren’t using it.  esme recently read about someone who invented a clever gadget to hold a cane.

put on your thinking caps, readers, and wave if you see someone sporting a parasol!


dorky sun-hat



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