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snake-skin maryjanes

love this print ("emboss blue")

perhaps you’ve been wondering what has become of esme’s quest for just the right pair of comfortable, stylish, covered shoes.  don’t worry, it has not gone missing.  it’s just that esme has had so many ideas scrambling about in her head that she has not had a chance to write about shoes.

the relatively new (american) brand alegria describes it’s endeavor thus:  “alegria shoes is on a mission to offer comfortable, affordable, fashionable styles to put a little ‘happy’ into a busy woman’s every step…..our signature mix of bright happy colors and unique one-of-a-kind prints proved a color therapy.”  alegria means “joy” or “happiness” (not “fast” as esme originally imagined—that’s “allegro”!).  do they deliver on their promise??

esme absolutely agrees about the bright colors and prints.  you have got to see these to believe them.   both colors and shapes are good for at least a little chuckle.  not only that, but they add INCHES to your height with their clog-like heel.  esme loves the maryjane style.  she obsessed for several weeks about whether this would work with her left foot.  finally, after the lovely saleperson assured her that these shoes work for even the worst bunions, and can be molded to the foot, esme took the leap and decided to purchase a black faux snake-skin pair.

so far, esme has received tons of compliments on these shoes.  and her right foot is totally alegria.  however, her left foot continues to have some issues.  oy!  at this point, esme’s plan is to put her left foot on a desensitization program (which involves wearing socks at first).  or perhaps she should just admit that she has bi-polar feet, and seek a foot psychiatrist.

anyway, if you want to put some joy into your feet, you should certainly check these out.   locally, they can be found at marita’s in pacific grove, and parts unknown in the carmel plaza.  i think zappos has them too. let me know what you think.

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