by admin on September 22, 2011

alegria shoes and eskandar pants

definition of jolie laide

after one reader responded to esme’s post about the alegria shoes “those are the ugliest shoes i’ve ever seen”, it set esme to thinking.  yeah, they are pretty weird-looking (although really, they do look cute on a small foot!), but the weirdness is part of the appeal.  the same is true of esme’s crazy eskandar harem pants.

do you know that when i took the pants to be hemmed the seamstress claimed that they were “way too big” and that she “didn’t know about these kinds of pants”???  fortunately, a fashion-forward customer appeared at just the moment when esme was obsessing about how to shorten the pants, and agreed that they would look great with a little elastic at the hem.

this evening esme wore both the harem pants and the alegria shoes, topped with an ancient armani t and a silk diana slavin vest; she felt completely……fab!  she realized that she was embracing what the french refer to as “jolie laide”.  literally translated that means “pretty ugly”, or, “a woman who is attractive but not conventionally pretty”.  for esme this seems to translate into apparel which is sensuous, comfortable and rich, but too voluminous or chunky to pass for normal clothing.  as long as one is not really “jolie”  (due to age, genetics, or other extenuating circumstances), why not strive for a bit of “jolie laide”??




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