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marie jo and johnny was

cosabella and diana slavin

this may be a big “duuhhh” to some of you, but esme has finally understood on a deep level that some lingerie is designed to show it’s profile under a sheer blouse.  of course esme has seen (and worn) a camisole that shows a peep of lace under a v-neck top.  she especially loves this look on her rather small-chested chums.  but it was not until she bought her marie jo aventure bra with tiny blue/black/brown/nude/white checks that it occurred to her that it was a real pity to hide this find under a matte blouse.

so……that evening she surprised mr. noir by matching marie (50% off at intima) with a sheer embroidered white johnny was blouse purchased some years ago (on-sale at she).  her navy pants and duster (on-sale last year at stephan-cori) picked up the blue, her undies (not shown) picked up the nude, her eyebrows picked up the black, the blouse picked up (and showed) the white.  if i do say so, it made quite the fetching ensemble, and mr. noir enthusiastically concurred!   finally, a bra that has found it’s true purpose in life–aventure!!

a few days later esme dug out another very pretty little bra that had almost been lost to the recesses of both her mind and her underwear drawer.  a really pretty little number by cosabella, it consists of nude mesh with dainty black embroidery.  doesn’t offer a lot of support, but then, esme does not intend to do jumping jacks in it!   it turned out to look quite seductive underneath a semi-sheer diana slavin blouse (black with little white dots) that esme probably purchased for full-price in the early ’90’s!

even esme’s un-junior-leaguish friend was spotted recently sporting a slightly sheer blouse that showed just a bit of a lovely lacey white bra.  nice way to spice things up!

well no, i’m not going to post a photo of esme actually wearing these looks.  mr. noir is still sleeping and i really can’t take the photos myself.  so you’ll have to settle for bras sans body…..that leaves plenty to the imagination which, after all, is the whole idea!

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