by admin on September 24, 2011

enviable eyebrows (not esme's of course)

ever since esme has become disenchanted with her feet (for repeated bad behavior and general troublesomeness), she has been at a loss for a favorite body part.  so many of her old fav’s have just been going downhill!  esme had never actually considered eyebrows to be a body-part (more like an accessory perhaps?) but has recently come to realize that she has been blessed in the eyebrow department.

esme has been paying more attention than usual to her brows as a result of her focus on eyeglasses.  glasses, of course, can interact with one’s eyebrows in a myriad of ways:  they can highlight, complement, disguise, parallel, or conflict with the eyebrow (to name just a few).  esme likes how her new glasses add a kind of syncopated line to her own brows.

esme has also been noticing other women’s brows.  many people have to go to a good deal of trouble to make their eyebrows presentable.  and a sad fact of life is that many of our eyebrows begin to thin and fade with age.  esme’s brows are not what they were when she was 20, but, they have been relatively satisfactory and un-troublesome. even as esme’s hair grays, her brows retain a certain darkness (especially when just out of the swimming pool).  their shape is a surprisingly good one (except during those periods when pencil-thin brows are popular) and they require just a bit of maintenance now and then.  really, what more could one ask?

well, now that you put it that way……i would not mind getting rid of the strong vertical line that appears between them, but no i refuse botox.  i would not mind if they were lifted up a bit so there would be some space for eye-shadow (as there used to be) but i definitely reject surgery.  if only i could post a photo of just one brow by itself so that you could not see that above-mentioned lines and sags!


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