by admin on September 25, 2011

well-worn dog-walking merrills

a collection of cami's (sorry about the wrinkles!)

this is the kind of little episode that esme just loves.  she and hunter were strolling along the wooded pathway at mission trail park when they met up with a couple walking 2 large dogs.  the dogs were suspicious of each other and we had to engage in conversation to make sure no one got bitten.  in the course of this chat, the woman inquired about esme’s shoes.  these are a pair of clog-like merrills with a mesh top that esme uses for her summer dog-walks.  they were purchased so long ago that esme has ceased to give them much attention.  but this couple were merrill fans and esme filled them in on where to look for these shoes.

then, a few days later, esme and hunter encountered the very same couple (from out of state btw).  this time the dogs were fine, but esme was determined to tell the woman about her blog and proffer her card.  to esme’s surprise this woman turned out to be one of those non-shoppers (“i hate shopping”).  esme quickly backtracked.  she explained that her very own mother, who really dislikes shopping, still likes to read the blog.  she noted that shopping blogs are not for every one.  she gave a few examples of her posts at the woman’s request.

well guess what?  that very day this non-shopper had been wondering what to wear under a sheerish blue-and-green blouse she had recently purchased.  she had tried a black camisole, but without a good result.  esme suggested the possiblity of a decorative bra that might show just a bit, or perhaps a nude bra. well, the woman really did not want her stomach showing under the blouse so a bra was not the right solution.  putting on her thinking cap, esme directed the woman towards a nude cami.  it could be plain or decorative, knit or silky, lighter or heavier.  a bit of it could show at the cleavage, or it could become invisible under the blouse.

esme had just seen a really nice selection of solid-colored cami’s at good prices while shopping with vivienne at b real in carmel. (indeed, vivienne told esme that she had returned the next day and scooped up 4 of them!) and phashion plate, one of esme’s most faithful readers, emailed her that shelf-bra cami’s are on sale for $7.50 at old navy.  really, every woman should have at least one nude cami in her arsenal of lingerie!

i’m trying to think up a biblical line here…something to do with the ways of the flesh….can anyone help me?



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