by admin on September 26, 2011

roll up your sleeves to make your legs look longer!

some wines have long legs too

this is going to be a really short post meant to make your legs look really long (or at least a tad longer).  esme learned this neat trick from imogen, who writes an informative blog (http://www.insideoutstyleblog.com) from australia.  and esme learned about imogen from angie cox, who writes a fabulous blog (http://www.youlookfab.com) from seattle.

well, to make a long story short, imogen recommends this simple step to make your legs look longer:  roll up your sleeves!!!!!  this draws the eye upward, et voila!!  who knew??  check out her video if you don’t believe me:


plus she has one of those totally charming aussie accents!

do you know that in japan they have actually invented a (horrible-sounding) surgery to lengthen the legs?  let’s not even go there!

feeling longer already,



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