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leather-trimmed tweed jacket by theory

tight jones ny jackets

esme was casually browsing a little store called bgb the other day when she spotted something of interest.  it was a little tweedy blazer with black leather trim in size 2 by theory.

i know esme has been looking for a black blazer, but maybe what she really needs is a tweed blazer.  she popped it on unobtrusively (so as not to get the salespeoples’ hopes up).  oh my, it was quite nice!  except…..esme couldn’t get the top button to stay buttoned.  it kept, well….popping open.  another one of those cases where either esme has gotten too fat in the bust and upper arms, or jackets are just being made too narrow!

the saleswoman assured esme that “it’s not you….theory runs small.”  there were, however, no other sizes available.  a quick internet search revealed that these jackets were completely sold out.  must be a lot of people with thin arms out there, or something.

then, two interesting pieces of data intervened.  one was an ad (published in both vogue and elle) for jones ny jackets. the photo showed several models  wearing jackets that were distinctly tight across the bust.  what….is this a new look?  esme showed the ad to mr. noir who said that duh….obviously these women were just showing off their assets.  well yeah, but usually you don’t see models wearing too-tight garments (although esme has observed that on occasion you can tell that their shoes are too small) that actually pull across the chest.  (and if these jackets pull on models, just imagine what they’d do on regular women).

the second piece of data came from an intriguing article in elle.  it concerned a woman who needed to buy outfits for standing beside her husband, convicted of some kind of white collar crime, in court during his trial.  she gave herself over to the personal shopper at barney’s in new york.  he told her that “everybody” gets their clothing tailored, that it’s unrealistic to imagine one can just buy things off the rack.  perhaps the little theory jacket might submit to a bit of alteration??

that’s one theory at least (!).  anyway, esme is determined to go back and try the jacket on again, armed with the above pieces of data and perhaps a rather minimizing bra.

what do you think, readers?  do we all need fitted tweed jackets?  and if so, how fitted should they be?




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