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when one fancies oneself a fashion blogger (or probably any sort of blogger for that matter), one has periods where ideas come thick and fast and the excitement is so intense that one hardly has the patience to sit and write them all down.  esme loves those times

……  then there are other times…..when…..even if one has…… a certain number of stored-up….. ideas…..they just…..don’t quite seem…..mmmm….worth writing about.  or rather….one doesn’t have a ……hook……an….angle….you know what i mean?

well, esme was just having one of the latter moments when she realized she had been blabbing non-stop to mr. noir about various fashion issues.  one of which you might like to hear about.  we are learning about fabrics this week in our fashion class.  esme loves fabrics. she’s learning that they are really complicated to produce.

we saw a cool video about spider silk, which is one of the lightest and strongest fibers in existence.  it could have many applications in fashion as well as industry (for instance, a bullet-proof vest made of spider-silk would be many many times lighter than the ones that currently exist);  however, spiders are apparently ornery and difficult to cultivate.  one farmer who tried to raise spiders en masse discovered that they are very territorial and tended to kill each other off if placed too close together (sound familiar??).

anyway, some nerdy scientist came up with the idea of injecting spider genes into goats (!).  this has produced a goat that has spider silk proteins in its milk.  one has only to separate the spider proteins from the rest of the milk et voila—spider silk in bulk!  esme could not help wondering whether one could drink the spider-goat milk, but this was not addressed in the video.  and why the heck did they choose goats, anyway??

live and learn.  there are more things in heaven and earth, horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosopy…..(or mine).




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