by admin on September 29, 2011

midi-skirt plus tailored menswear (from MORE)

even in the most placid life, events sometimes conspire to make the life of a fashion-blogger dicey.  just before cocktail hour last night, esme was sitting down to do her fashion homework (“analyze the fabric content of the clothes in your wardrobe.  how many are natural fibers?  how many man-made fibers?  which are your favorites, and what kind of care do they require?”—so fun!), when a disturbing series of events interfered with writing and blogging.

to wit, mr. noir began complaining of severe abdominal pain and we decided a trip to the emergency room was in order.  at about the same time, hunter appeared to be choking on the dog-treat that esme gives him every evening.  and finally, it became evident that something had died in our basement and was truly making things rotten in the state of denmark.

of course, mr. noir was our first priority.  esme guiltily assured hunter that if he was still in trouble in the morning, she’d take him to the vet.  fortunately, the e.r. is a 5 minute trip up the road so we were there in a flash.  it was quite a scene there–accidents, strokes, little children with possible snake-bites.  we started worrying that mr. noir would be low on the triage list, but thankfully, he was taken back after a reasonable period.

while waiting, esme distracted herself by catching up on her fashion magazines.  she really would have liked to find out what was happening with the various patients, but was unable to find a polite way to snoop.  she did learn that:  the IT skirt is a midi;  animal-related style is IN (i told you so); the men’s wear look is big, but looks best worn close to the body; they’ve invented a product called magnetic nail-polish that you can shape and swirl with a tiny magnet built into the top (i’d really like to try that one).  poor mr. noir was too anxious and uncomfortable to read a book and had just finished all his car magazines.  esme found a dog-magazine for him, but he declined.

as for the eventual outcome—it could have been better, but also could have been much worse:  gallstones.  the best thing about this diagnosis was that it was exactly what mr. noir thought he had:  way to self-diagnose!! they offered to pop mr. noir into surgery that night but he decided to defer until consulting his doctor.

when the 2 returned home, hunter still had his tail down and was hiding in various corners of the house.  esme said a little prayer and hoped he’d be better by morning, which, kanehora, he was.  now to deal with the dead-thing under the house.  esme does not think she has an appropriate outfit for this….mmmm…maybe some combat boots?

do bad things really come in 3’s??




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