by admin on September 30, 2011

shopping camo?

shoes for a quick strike?

esme has been  assigned an important shopping mission for today.  on the last day of each month, yellow brick road (one of our local thrift shops) marks almost everything 50% off.  so you can find bargains upon bargains and potentially spend in the single digits.

it turns out that claire’s sister fell in love with an item (i won’t tell you what it is just in case it might jeopardize my mission) and claire was planning to swoop in and snag it for her at 50% off.  only problem is, claire is out of town on the tryst of the century.  so, she has deputized her trusty agent, esme noir, to do the dirty work.

this is the sort of mission where esme might wish she were taller, bigger, and stronger, so as to push her way through the crowds.  on the other hand, if she wears the right shoes (and what would those be?) she just may be able to dart through invisible openings and land the prize.  maybe she should even wear camo.  ooh what a grand idea!  maybe mr. noir at least has a camo hat. or, maybe esme can find some camo in the store at 50% off!  wait a sec. esme:  keep your focus singular and your goal clearly in your mind’s eye.

in the meantime, claire has not been seen or heard from for several days.  either her new love has turned out to be a serial killer, or she has just not bothered to emerge from the bedroom.

updates to follow.

your secret agent,



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