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j.jill skirt

part of esme’s shopping control program entails spending only so much money per month.  naturally, by about the second day of each month she has kind of spent her allotment.  that means a rather hungry 3-30.  october being a long month, esme decided she could indulge in a little shop a few days early.

j.jill (or juhjill as mr. noir calls it) is an underrated source for basics like t’s and socks, and sometimes has some nice sweaters, jackets, etc.  if their pants fit you, those are also good buys.  they have periodic mega-sales, with things that are 30% off 30%, and so on.  this year, jjill has been displaying some appealing purple hues, and esme has had her eye on an eggplant colored silk blouse with a mandarin collar.

but the real reason that esme decided to peek into jjill was that she coveted her sister’s skirt.  the last time esme had seen roz, roz was sporting a simple black knit skirt, very versatile and very flattering.  turns out she had found it at jjill.  we took a field trip there to see if we could find one, but they didn’t have our sizes.  however, the skirt stuck in esme’s mind.  she thought it might look quite chic with her various sylvie vestey-things, and now that she has stuck her toe into the world of daily dresses….who knows?

well, esme was in luck.  not only was the skirt 15% off (plus 5% with a jjill card), but esme found the one remaining purple blouse on the sale rack, heavily discounted.  at the last minute she also snagged a light purple t, 50% off.  she was sure that even mr. noir could not object to these numbers, and she was right—he especially loved the silk blouse, which esme wore to dinner that very eve.

j.jill silk blouse

if you live anywhere near a jjill, the sale-rack is worth a peruse.  and if you’d like a basic black skirt, they have ’em.  note that the skirts run quite large, so you may need to go a size or 2 down.

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