by admin on October 2, 2011

men's travel jacket

men's sweater on esme

esme and mr. noir could not resist scoping out the last few days of the bankruptcy sale at pacific tweed.  mr. noir was vaguely looking for a suit, and can always use shirts, jackets and casual pants.  having pretty well done the women’s wear, esme kept him company in the men’s dept.  she was hoping he’d score a dark suit and some grey flannel pants, but he kept insisting “where i am going to wear these?”  weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs…..one should always be prepared.  but he refused to be moved.     so esme decided to try on a few menswear pieces herself.  there were rows upon rows of beautiful jackets—wool and cashmere, wool and silk, silk and linen, all wool—in lovely tweedy colors from the subtle to the dashing.  there were piles of soft wool sweaters in blues and purples and oranges and browns. esme fell totally in love with a jacket described as a “travel jacket”.  it came in a brown tweed and had a little zip-out insert that had the effect of a mandarin collar.  lots of pockets, a bit of leather trim, it was much too hot for mr. noir but looked fab on esme……except that you could have fit at least 2 of her in it.  if only they’d make such garments for women! esme also found a lovely wool sweater in her very favorite colors:  purples, grays, blacks….and terribly soft.  it could have passed as a tunic, except for the voluminous shoulders and arms to her knees. i know that the menswear look for women is all the rage, but somehow one never finds such compelling items in such quantity in the women’s section.  if esme had any talent as a designer (which she does not) she would go right out and translate the travel coat for women.  i think the trick would be not to add lots of gewgaws and weird tailoring, but just to shrink it up in the arms and shoulders.  same with the sweater.  why not have rows and rows of smart but simple blazers for women?

longing for what i can’t have,



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