by admin on October 3, 2011

jasper in co-ordinated leash and collar

let’s talk about dogs for a bit…….people are so…..human.  esme and hunter met a fabulous little doggie the other day.  he is a dachshund named jasper, and cute as a button.  a couple of things make him stand out from the crowd.  first of all, he has an unusual pelt—creamy white with brown markings, some of which look all the world as though a cat has walked on his back.

secondly, he is what we call “intact” (that is unneutered for the uninitiated).  usually an unneutered dog is trouble on 4 legs.  they tend to be aggressive with other male dogs, and male dogs react negatively to them.  in jasper’s case, however, this doesn’t hold true:  he is surprisingly mellow, and hunter even wanted to play with him.  and really, if you’ve never seen one, a little dog like this is quite…..cute….when intact (unlike your average great dane, who can be a bit gross for my taste).  makes me recall the days of hunter’s early puppyhood…..ah well… lose some, you win some.

the third notable thing about jasper is that he has a really good-looking collar and leash, colored co-ordinated to complement his coat, but not too matchy-matchy.  while jasper’s spots are light brown and roundish, the leash has a jazzy striped pattern.  the stripes include brown, but also some rusts, greens and creams.  you would be amazed at how difficult it is to find a flattering leash for a multi-colored dog!  in contrast, your solids (visla’s, weimeraners, labs) usually look quite fetching in all sorts of collars (and colors).  i have never been quite satisfied with hunter’s black and white collar, but got tired of shopping for a replacement several years back.

perhaps jasper will inspire me to go leash-shopping again.  hunter is now mellow enough that he might even like to come along (especially if there might be treats involved).





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