by admin on October 4, 2011

inge's outfit

liz's jazzy suit

esme is always finding things to admire among the ladies who frequent her gym’s locker-room.  why just the other day there were so many interesting ladies that it was hard to know which one to pay attention to.  so of course, esme paid attention to them all.

one was a wonderful older woman whom esme had first met in the hot tub.  she has worked in various capacities in the fashion/design industries and has a terrific sense of style.  here you see her pictured in a summery and flattering tone-on-tone outfit with pieces she has collected over the years.  doesn’t she look dashing set against the background of the locker-room toilets, which esme had not realized were in the photo, and doesn’t know how to crop out?!  this woman went straight into esme’s collection of cool-looking older women, and seemed quite pleased to be there.  we plan to do some more photos when she returns from a trip abroad.

another was a swimmer friend (also, as it happens, in the design business).  she always sports the most interesting swim-suits, usually bought on-line at significant bargains.  just look at the vibrant designs on this one, purchased from  she has a co-ordinating rashguard in bright yellow, and looks like quite the fetching flower in the ensemble.

another gym buddy turns out to be a sea-glass artist.  she finds that this glass, found at the border of sand and sea, has healing, almost magical properties.  she turns sea-glass into charming pendants, and even has a tumbler in case the glass has not been quite tumbled enough by the sea.  esme just loves sea-glass, and has a large jar full of it, collected along her countless walks with hunter along carmel beach.  how lovely to wear it on one’s person!

yolanda's healing sea glass

so the locker-room, far from housing a bunch of mindless female jocketts, turns out to be a rich source of visual and psychological inspiration, not to mention female bonding.

yours in woman-flesh,




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