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favorite blouse (front)

favorite blouse (back)

this is a question that esme has been pondering recently as she has tried to trim her over-grown closet.  she has noticed that, without special precautions, it is her silk blouses that seem to hold up best over the decades.  this is a good thing, because these are among her favorite garments, even when they are out of style.  wool blends and wool gabardines come next, although esme found that a seam on her lovely (but too small) donna karan pencil-skirt had come apart.

carmel doesn’t seem to be too big on clothing moths, but esme learned to her chagrin during many years in san francisco that these clothing predators favor one’s best and softest cashmeres.  and once the moths get at something, it’s pretty much toast.  esme made some attempts at having things rewoven, but it was not worth the expense.

one of esme’s friends has preserved a favorite blouse for many years past it’s expectable life-time.  this is a fabulous polyester blouse with different prints on each side, vintage 1985.  it’s owner has pampered it by wearing it just often enough and cleaning it only when absolutely necessary.

it’s a bit like having custody of an old jaguar:  you need to drive it occasionally so the batteries don’t die and the pipes don’t clog up, but you shouldn’t drive it so much that it breaks down (again).  a delicate balance.   as you see, even with such meticulous care, the favorite blouse has had to undergo a few repairs.  however, it looked chic and new when worn for a movie and dinner just the other day.  in fact, esme would love to have one just like it.

this is what the owner says about it:  This polyester blouse by Platinum was purchased at Macy’s around 1985 (still has shoulder pads) and was worn quite often for twelve or fifteen years.  I never failed to get a compliment on it or comment on the great buttons, etc.  It was always dry cleaned, but not too frequently as the color and style didn’t require it. But then it started to become more fragile and needed mending at the elbows. The last few years, the fabric tears easily and I have had it patched twice, so it is only for special occasions. I doubt that I will ever eliminate it from my closet and I am quite good at weeding out. It just seems only fair, after all the happiness wearing it has brought me, that my fav blouse continue a dignified existence.

awwwww, now isn’t that sweet?

readers, what are you fave’s, and how have you preserved them?




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