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143rd scale car collection

red and navy at anthropologie

esme has had to get creative about finding ways to express her shopping instinct without actually spending any money.  a quick glance at her latest credit card bill shows that her strategies could still use some refinement.  however, she thinks she’s headed in the right direction.

her latest technique is to take photos of the things she likes.  this reminds her of mr. noir’s 143rd scale model car collection:  when mr. noir finally realized that he’d never be able to own the 100’s or even 10’s of new and vintage cars that he desired, he decided to start a collection of car models.  he now has quite the remarkable collection of 143rd scale cars, which he proudly displays in several clear plastic cases in the garage.  esme can’t say that his collection is cheap, but it is certainly cheaper than the real cars would be (and indisputably more compact).

so esme has been making her usual rounds of the local stores (without which she tends to fall into a funk) but acquiring iphone photos of clothes instead of the clothes themselves.  this approach actually has several advantages.  in addition to forcing esme to sleep on any potential purchases, it allows her to visually review the items at leisure.  often a second look reveals which ones are really flattering and which aren’t.

it also points up trends in the marketplace and in esme’s desires.  a trip to pacific rim yielded the usual color combinations of gray, black, white, off-black, dark gray, light gray….you get the idea.  one exception was a lovely scarf in muted earth-tones.

the next week a round at anthropologie showed that esme’s color preferences had shifted.  suddenly she found herself passing over the grays and snagging garments in navy, red, and rust.  navy…wow….esme hasn’t worn navy in years.  in fact, as she was contemplating a really cute pair of loose and woven navy pants, she realized she probably has a similar pair just waiting to be revived in her attic.

what does it all mean?




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