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thrifted midi-skirt

thrifted faux fur vest

yesterday you heard about one of esme’s more innovative approaches to not shopping:  photographing your clothes instead of buying them.  today we’ll discuss a less original but equally interesting technique:  thrifting.  thrifting has been used from time immemorial by starving students, the homeless, retirees on fixed incomes, and heroines of murder mysteries (e.g. aimee leduc, who uses garments like a thrifted chanel jacket as part of her armamentarium).  ah, if only esme could find a perfect little chanel jacket at yellow brick road….

anyway, both claire and ms. c. have turned esme on to thrifting.  indeed, it turns out that everyone who’s anyone in the world of local shopping turns up at the special sales in our local thrift stores.  (once esme encountered like, 17 people she knew at such an event.)  here’s the thing about thrifting:  it’s not that you don’t buy anything, but what you buy is so cheap that it doesn’t really count.  and, they don’t take credit cards.  so, say, for the price of a frozen yogurt (cash) you could pick up a wool plaid midi-skirt, and for the price of 2 frozen yogurts you might have yourself a retro jacket with bright red buttons.

one approach to thrifting is to look at labels.  this is how esme found her eskandar blouses.  you have to be quick about this one, because you are not the only one around here who uses this approach.  another approach is to scan for items that represent current trends.  midi- and maxi-skirts are examples, as are faux fur anythings.  just the other day esme scored a pretty cool faux fur vest for the rather hefty price of $20.

there are some issues in thrifting (well, what in life doesn’t have issues?).  one is the price of rehab.  for instance, the faux fur cost esme almost as much in dry-cleaning as the price of it’s purchase.

the more insidious issue is this:  because you can buy your thrifted items for almost nothing, it is possible to accumulate a terrific volume of stuff.  the toll on your closet….nay….on your entire bedroom….can be a heavy one.  you should see claire’s bedroom—stuff packed up to the rafters!  mr. noir is definitely not happy about this development.  so far, esme’s stuff is confined to the window-seat and clean laundry hamper, but if she doesn’t take some action soon….well, i’ll leave that one to your imagination.  i would hate to have you see esme appear on one of those hoarder reality shows.

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