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esme's poster board

here’s a third approach to not shopping that you might want to try.  esme learned about it in her INTRODUCTION TO FASHION class, where one in-class assignment was to construct a poster-board reflecting our tastes and styles.  esme just loves these kinds of assignments.  never in her life has she done things involving cutting, pasting, drawing, tracing….the actual making of something other than pages of text!  jungians might say she is nurturing an undeveloped aspect of her psyche, something to which one often gravitates in middle age.

here’s what you do.  leaf through your fashion magazines, catalogues, fliers, ads, and anything else with photos of clothes, and cut out the ones you like.  i suppose you could also print out photos from the internet, but esme is reluctant to do this due to the high cost of printer ink.

then find a suitable folder or notebook in which to past them.  esme discovered early on that you need a note-book that’s good-sized.  most fashion magazines have full-page ads and they will not fit in the little composition books that esme prefers!  anyway, clear a space on your dining room table, and set about cutting and pasting to your heart’s content.  an eye for composition doesn’t hurt.  and guess what?  the cutting part takes some skill.

there are a few disadvantages to this technique.  one is that it really messes up your dining room table, but this is not irreversible.  another is that it destroys your vogues and elles, which you may have started to save in the bookcases in your garage.  esme is one who cringes at the idea of underlining books, or even turning down page corners, so this is a tough one for her.  she tends to consider a published document as sacred, a whole that is greater than it’s parts.  i suppose this is quite an old-fashioned view.

however, the biggest disadvantage is that this technique actually involves really and truly NOT SHOPPING (and i mean that literally).  you do not go into the stores.  you do not feel the goods.  you don’t try anything on “just for fun”.  (well, this hadn’t occurred to me before, but i suppose you could find yourself tempted to order something on line or from one of your catalogues, but let’s not worry about that one for now).  for this reason, it is both safer and less fun than techniques discussed in previous blogs.

ok readers… share your own not shopping techniques.

cutting and pasting to my heart’s content,




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