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shopping for the other

coup de foudre

i suppose it is not surprising that mr. noir has become a big fan of esme’s “not shopping” series.  so bear with me readers, if i continue it as long as my brain offers up ideas:  when you find something that pleases your spouse, it behooves you to stick with it!!!  i like to call that “husbandry”. (ho ho).

perhaps the most satisfying approach to not shopping is to shop for someone else.  this way you get all the benefits of real shopping–the thrill of the hunt, the pleasure of feeling the goods, the fantasies of transformation–without having to spend any money.  it’s good exercise for the body and the brain, and you might even be permitted to try on a few items if you absolutely can’t resist.

esme has thorougly enjoyed the few other-oriented shopping expeditions she has taken.  she relishes the challenge of sizing up clothes that will complement a body completely different from her own.  it’s fun to work with a color palette that she herself could never wear.

but the most thrilling aspect of shopping for another is when the universe hands one a vision of how the person could look.  esme, having always been an intuitive sort (in the jungian sense) absolutely loves visions.  she is a “coup de foudre” kind of gal.  most of her posts, in fact, come to her in a kind of flash, and it is this experience more than any other, that keeps her blogging.  intuition might be even more addicting than shopping, and it’s free!

then there is the priceless experience of watching the other person love themselves in their clothes, the fantasy of how their husband/partner will react, the enjoyment of seeing them walk down ocean ave. in clothes you have picked out together.  oh my goodness, i just can’t wait for the next one!

shopping anyone?

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