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not shopping patch?

not shopping group

esme seems to have tapped into a rich vein with her “not shopping” series—almost as rich as her animal print series, which i know some of you were getting rather….mmm….impatient with after the 97th entry.  but really, ideas are not a dime a dozen, so when you’ve got ’em, write ’em i say.

how about this one:  a not shopping patch.  they make them for smoking, so why not for shopping?  this patch might give you little shopping zings, replicating the experience of falling in love with an article of clothing, every few hours or so…..(perhaps more frequently at first).  esme is imagining that you could give the patch a little tap every time you felt a shopping urge come over you (she does love a feeling of control), but then i suppose you’d run the risk of becoming addicted to the patch itself.

i’m pretty sure an antidepressant such as wellbutrin would work too—that one is used for smoking and over-eating.  what do you think, dr. vivienne??  but many shoppers are reluctant to take drugs (mr. noir used to call this the “my body is a temple” approach–sorry gals).  esme says, do what works.

i hate to even mention the anonymous approach.  shoppers anonymous.  the group part could be fun, but what esme takes issue with is the need for abstinence.  so depressing.  esme tries to avoid abstinence as much as she possibly can.  she’s usually pretty good at moderation.  but for some of you, anonymous might be the only thing that works.  a real pity to lose all those great shoppers out there……just imagine what these folks would wear to meetings!

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