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shorts and tights

french tunic and scarf

of course you know that esme means the city, not the person.  esme recently had the chance to talk to 2 people in one day, both of whom had recently returned from the city of light.  the  first was stephanie, of stephan-cori.  esme, still committed to not shopping 101-105, had just bopped in the shop to check out their weekend sale.  (oh wait, i forgot…checking out sales is not included in not shopping 101, 102, 103, 104 or even 105….oh well…what’s done is done!)

anyway, stephanie was fresh from a little jaunt to paris that included both business and pleasure.  she had picked up some lovely baubles for the shop (belts, bags, scarves, jewelry), checked the pulse of the fashion world, and visited with friends.  esme inquired as to what women in paris were wearing this fall.  to esme’s surprise, stephanie reported that shorts over tights or leggings were all the rage!  shorts??? oh no!  now that is one style that esme simply can’t, won’t, and refuses to adopt, even if all the femmes d’un certain age are doing it!  leggings under skirts:  yes.  leggings under long tops:  fine.  shorts in any way shape or form: noooooooooo.

thankfully, stephanie had not bought any of these horreurs for the store!  she went on to say that, of course, everyone had a scarf and everyone wore it just so.  esme has been working on that one in her own wardrobe, but she is meeting resistance from mr. noir, who has some sort of weird hangup about scarves (nothing that a few more years in psychoanalysis wouldn’t cure, but still, esme wants to wear scarves NOW!).

the leggings and scarf report was confirmed by another friend with whom we had dinner that same night.  she had purchased one outfit in paris—an elaborate olive green tunic with fringes and tucks that perfectly set off her eyes, and a scarf to match.  while she plans to wear them with narrow pants, she also reported that leggings were all the rage.  and here esme was beginning to think that leggings were so yesterday.

the world of fashion is full of surprises.

thinking of paris,



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