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corleen's calvin klein

anyone who has ever been to esme’s gym knows corleen.  and corleen knows everyone who has ever been to the gym.  for days esme has been trying to think of the right metaphor to describe her.  the best she can do at present is to say that corleen is the glue that holds the club together.  she is one of those rare people whom we’d all want to have working with us if we had a business.  tall, rangy and athletic, with vivid blue eyes, she is not exactly the maternal type. and yet, in a gentle, unobstrusive way, she is the source of welcome, information, and that elusive at-home feeling one gets when checking in at the front desk.

corleen is usually seen in a track suit or tennis togs.  esme was flattered and excited when she received a request for a clothing consultation.  corleen was preparing to attend a fancy wedding back east.  she is not a shopper and claims to have little fashion sense.  she needed the perfect dress.  esme gave her several recommendations and volunteered to come along for a little shop.  however, before she knew it, corleen, in her characteristic quiet and competent way, had purchased a few possibilities and wanted esme’s opinion.

never believe someone when they say they are not good at shopping.  corleen had found not one but three amazing frocks, all at discount prices.  we had a little fashion show in the locker room, and this time esme was careful not to include the toilets in her photo-shoots!  the first dress was a vivid blue calvin klein cocktail dress, sleeveless, with a boat neck and ruching at the waist.  the color looked fabulous, the cut showed off her fit arms, and she had even found a little black shrug in case the weather was cool.  all present oohed and aahed.

the second was a knit burgundy number with a swing skirt and long sleeves.  it had a wide black belt that show-cased corleen’s little waist, and the skirt moved fetchingly when she walked.  esme thought this would be great for attending surrounding events, or just in case the weather turned chilly.  what’s funny is, the next day a woman in esme’s fashion class brought in a drawing she had traced from a fashion book from the ’60’s—the dress was almost identical to corleen’s burgundy one!

vintage dress

burgundy dress

the third was a v-neck frock in a beautiful bluish green.  the color looked wonderful, but we all agreed that it was too big.  later a bunch of us played with scarves, necklaces, etc.  esme imagined a chunky bangle with the blue dress, and found some shoes in the anthropology catalogue that would add some pizazz.

as it turned out, corleen happily wore the blue, with black heels and no shrug (it was hot).  and she reported that most of the guests wore black!  who knew?

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