by admin on October 13, 2011

purple rash guard

yellow rash guard

the morning swimmers in our pool have ended up forming a kind of impromptu fashion club and support group.  esme has been responsible for the introduction of colorful coolibar rashguards, which have gone viral in our pool.

esme started with a purple one, which she wears over a (fading) purple and black swim suit with purple flip-flops and a red carmel high school cap.  liz followed with a bright yellow rash-guard worn over a blue-black-and yellow swimsuit.  and gisella sports a bright turquoise rash-guard over a black-and-white polka dot swim-suit and black speedo cap.  a number of the ladies in the water exercise group have also taken up rash-guards, but they don’t really count—i mean water exercise is one thing, and SWIMMING is another (not to be snobbish or anything).

torquoise rash guard

esme wears her rash-guard for sun-protection, so when the pool is shady she tries to go without it—it is literally a drag.  however, she must be cheating because her tan-lines are starting to get vivid again.  liz wears hers to keep warm, while gisella wears her both for warmth and sun-protection.  the hearty claire has no need for rash-guards–she is impervious to both sun and cold, and only sports a black swim-suit with red piping, and big long swim-fins.

there are a few guys in our group, but of course we can’t talk to them in the locker room.  we’ve evolved into a loose-knit community who share lanes, swimming tips, and support for medical issues that seem to strike us all (except claire!) at one time or another.  this is an interesting phenomena, as it’s very hard to talk while you’re swimming.  but somehow we manage to commune.

esme has been unable to get a pic of all of us in our rash-guards, as her iphone is not water-prooof (hey, good idea for an inventor, eh?).  so you’ll have to make do with some photos from the coolibar catalogue for now.

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