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fashion-forward surgical cap

the gall-bladder

yesterday it was time for mr. noir to bid adieu to his gall-bladder, a trusty organ that has served him well for many years but had started to engage in bad behavior.  one’s organs are never too old to learn new tricks, and they are usually not good ones!

mr. noir is a surgery novice:  he only vaguely remembers parting with a piece of his thyroid years before esme met him.  so of course esme had to help him figure out what to wear.

the surgery was to be outpatient, with a possible one-night stay in the hospital to follow.  mr. noir was naively planning to wear his usual outfit:  khaki pants with belt and a polo shirt because we’re having a heat spell.  however, esme knew that when planning a post-surgery outfit one needs to consider the location of the incision, and in this case a belt was not advisable.

esme’s mother (who was a medical student in the early ’50’s) recalls assisting at a gall-bladder surgery.  she vividly remembers having to lift up the rib-cage so the surgeon could get to the appropriate organ.  this surgery, although common, was hard on the body of the recipient.  nowadays they do it laproscopically.  as mr. noir put it (after the surgery), they make several tiny cuts “kind of like shrapnel wounds.”  so anyway, you don’t want anything tight on your belly!

one sartorial feature that surprised even esme (a veteran surgical candidate), was these funny hats the nurses and doctors wore in the outpatient surgery ward.  on top of regular-looking scrubs, they wore caps shaped a bit like night-caps in wild and colorful prints.  esme could kick herself for not having the presence of mind to snap a photo, but she was a bit distracted.  perhaps i’ll be able to find one on the internet.

anyway, everything came out ok (well just the gallbladder actually, which, come to think of it must be either pretty small or pretty squishy to fit through those tiny incisions).

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