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platinum rings

omg my hands look old!

esme just knows there is info. out there somewhere about cycles in fashion for jewelry metals.  however, she has been unable to come up with much except for her own astute (i hope) observations.

have you noticed that your wedding and engagement rings come in and out of fashion?  the noirs were married in the ’80’s, when traditional gold bands were the thing.  esme’s engagement ring, which she wears layered with her wedding ring, is a gorgeous design in solid gold created by mr. noir himself.  two coils of gold hold a nice emeral-cut diamond.  it is smooth and sensuous, not subject to snagging or bonking, and always on esme’s finger (so don’t get any ideas).

as the ’90’s rolled in, esme noticed that people were starting to wear platinum bands.  all of a sudden, platinum, with it’s rather hard, cool, expensive look, looked good.

esme began to regret that the noirs had sold some platinum jewelry inherited from mr. noir’s late mother. it had looked hopelessly dated at the time.  of course, the ’90’s were renowned for the dotcom boom, big company parties with ice-sculptures and endless oysters, and ostentatious attire.  mr. noir got some rap-lyrics stuck in his head around this time:  “where’d you get those plat’num chains/with the diiiimonds INit?”  to this day, if i say the word “platinum” i can count on hearing those lyrics!

perhaps it’s just because esme has been ogling the ads in some of mr. noir’s car brochures (he has an amazing bentley brochure in the bathroom at the moment), but esme has been noticing a trend towards rose gold, especially in watches.  rose gold is so warm and soft-looking that you just want to reach out your finger and stroke it.  i don’t know if it would work for a wedding band, but i’m keeping my eyes peeled to see if i can spot one.

any sightings, readers?

curious again,



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