by admin on October 18, 2011

esme in refuge robe

haven’t you always wanted one of those big fluffy white robes they give you at spas and hotels?  i know you’d never really do this, but hasn’t the thought of pinching one crossed your mind?  no?  well, esme may have the chance to obtain one without the need to either pinch or buy.  her gym (known to members as cvac), has started a new thing.  they have dug up 2 perfectly good swimming pools (you can tell how esme feels about THAT) and put in a bunch of hot and cold plunges with fountains and trees and massage tables….and called it the refuge.

well the good thing is, members will get a chance to try it out for free, and rumor has it that those who do will get their own FLUFFY WHITE ROBE!  esme so hopes this is true.  even though, as you can see in the pic, the robe is a bit large and came down past esme’s toes.  i’m not so sure about the hot and cold plunges though.  we used to do this as kids in the ’60’s at sea ranch.  they had a nice sauna that you could exit via a slide that slid you right into a cold plunge.  great for kids, but i’m kind of afraid i might have a stroke or something these days.

nevertheless, perhaps it’s something like wearing shorts with leggings—might as well try it once just to see what it’s like.  if i survive, i’ll let you know how it is.

looking forward to being enrobed,



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